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I have had an organ sitting in my garage for at least 5 years.  I am not familiar with music instruments and I wanted to know, what is the first step I should take in selling the organ?

The first things to do is identify the make, model and style of the instrument then determine its functional condition.  If the instrument is a reed or pump organ, information may be limited, in which case you can go to the Reed Organ Society ( to request background info...given you have a manufacturer's name.

If the organ is electronic and has 13 pedals, the description should include the fact it is a "spinet".  In any case, list the number of pedals and the number of keyboards.  The organ either has 13, 25 or 32 pedals.

A typical description should read something like:

Hammond spinet organ, model 100 with two keyboards and 13 pedals.  Everything works. Power cord should be replaced.  Finish is light oak and looks very nice. All self contained. [meaning the speakers are inside the console and not in a remote cabinet]

The manufacturer's label is usually located beneath the keyboard desk which will give you the model number and other info which may be helpful to prospective purchasers.

A popular Internet place to list items to sell is  Make certain you list it in your local area and make every effort to include a photo.