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I've been repairing my own Roland keyboard for a few years, but only the mechanical pieces. There are no keyboard technicians within a 100 mile radius and the local music stores are looking a local who can do minor repairs. I intend to be that person. I have decent mechanical aptitude, and I am confident I can take apart and put back together just about any keyboard without creating more damage? 

How do I get started in basic electrical diagnoses and repair? I simply don't know where to begin?

Hello Brady!  When people are paying for repairs, they are expecting expert service.  That is, they are engaging the services of an expert even if the repairs are minor.  If you are planning to offer service on keyboards, I suggest you contact the manufacturers, inform them of your intentions and arrange to attend occasional training seminars.  I also suggest you join MITA, the Music Instrument Technician Association.    

One of my complaints has been the large number of "technicians" in the field who have chosen to go into business fixing devices, having little or no specific training on the units they claim to be able to repair.  The problem occurs when the "expert" cannot correct a problem and so to save face, they either inform their client the device simply cannot be repaired or the device is of such poor design or quality that it can't or shouldn't be repaired.  I suspect thousands of perfectly good instruments have been junked by trusting clientele whose only alternative was to purchase another keyboard.

Therefore, if you are going to offer your services, get good.  Really good!  It is not only fair to the clients and to yourself but to those who actually paid the dues by getting electronic degrees, music degrees, attend technical seminars, training seminars, apprenticeship programs, and develop a rapport with the manufacturer's technical and parts departments.  After all, this is what people will be hoping for...expertise.